About Us

What is Maxfield Healthcare Solutions?

Founded in 2010, we are a unique healthcare consulting company that specializes in office-based surgical procedures.

With increasing deductibles and costs of health insurance brought on by the Affordable Care Act, many patients and providers have looked for a less expensive solution for their surgical needs.  The solution for many has been office based procedures.  By performing minor surgical procedures under sedation in the office, medical and dental providers have been able to save their patients time and money while simultaneously increasing their own revenue and patient population.

We at Maxfield Healthcare Solutions are able to bring a very unique set of skills in assisting with the initial setup and continued enhancement of office based procedures.  Founded by an anesthesia provider who specialized in office based procedures, Maxfield Healthcare Solutions is able to offer valuable insight into the sedation process, and brings experience working on both sides of the provider/vendor relationship.  Additionally, we deal with a much larger purchasing volume, and are able to obtain high-quality, cutting-edge equipment at a fraction of the retail cost, a savings we are then able to pass along to you, the provider.

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